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factory workersMark Middleton has been offering consulting services to the Commercial Seafood Industry for over 3 decades. As one of the leading innovators in the Commercial Fisheries Industry, Mark Middleton possesses a lifetime of hands-on knowledge and experience paralleled by few.

Consulting compensation methods are flexible and may be arranged by the following: fee based monthly, commission based annually, project based or on retainer.

Army Corps. of Engineers
Mark Middleton has worked closely with management teams to create enhanced wharfage and unloading configurations from existing lineal bulkheading. Mark has been instrumental in designing compliant bulkhead configurations complete with dredge and disposal requirements. Mark completely understands the process from blueprints to completion and can assist you with any Army Corps. of Engineers related projects you may have.

Industrial Development Bonds
Mark Middleton has successfully proposed and accomplished waterfront facility acquisitions through Industrial Development Bond procurement. Mark has demonstrated that governmental bonding opportunities are attractive financing vehicles for waterfront facilities and their communities. Mark has negotiated bond placement terms and conditions as well as securing tax abatements, below market interest rates, employment incentives, and real estate property tax reductions.

Dredge boat

Dredge boatIndustry Grant Research and Writing
Mark's experience includes the research and application of State and Federal Grant opportunities for the marine industries. Mark has also been successful in securing project financing that includes matching funds and low interest loans. If you are looking for a professional to help you research and write a grant application for the financing of your next project, Seafare Trading International can help you save time and achieve your goals.

Governmental Management Representation
Mark Middleton has also served on county and state fishery management boards. Mark's responsibilities included the establishment of fishery industry management plans. The conceptualization and implementation of such plans involving both scientific and human realities can be both economically challenging and biologically complex. Mark has a proven record of fulfilling the challenge of balancing the economic success of the participants and the sustainability of the resources.

Shoreside Facility Construction and Expansion
Mark has worked on many projects that included production line design and layout, freezer site expansion, waste water compliant design and construction, product line flow analysis, and efficient offloading processes, all of which demanded his expertise. The economically successful operation of seafood production facilities is often very difficult. But with Mark's knowledge, experience and leadership, it can be a reality. Mark has come to realize that labor forces, taxes, insurance, and energy require constant managerial attention. Mark's proven implementation of progressive management practices has often allowed for timely facility expansion and growth.

Additional services offered by Seafare Trading International & Mark include:
Domestic and International Business, Processing and Harvesting, Production Cost Analysis, Seafood Marketing, Sales Analysis and Projection, Vessel Search and Procurement, Product Procurement and Brokerage, Acquisitions and Mergers, Production Waste Management, Efficiency Analysis, and Tax Certorari proceedings.